Create immersive learning content highlightin minutes

Remember the days when crafting captivating learning content seemed like an uphill battle? We know that engagement is key to learning and we know that getting attention is vital for communication. We also know that creating that engaging high quality content is hard out of three reasons:

We know that creating immersive content is
highly expensive

We know that creating high end content is
heavily time-consuming

We know you need to hire expensive
external expert competence

Well not anymore!

Try out our award-winning tool for free, and start reshaping the way you create engaging learning content!

Power Plugin for your LMS

Almost every LMS has certain limitations when it comes to what kind of content they support like 3D, games and immersive content. Also, a lot of content creators and editors are looking for ways to create more engaging content in your LMS. Integrate We Are with your LMS and make your LMS shine and spark as it should.

Create engaging content in minutes. Not months.

We Are is so easy to use that anyone can create engaging learning experiences. Super fast. Script writing, animation, voice over, gamify and sharing is at your fingertips supported by Aico - our AI-helper.

Affordable license model that scales with your needs.

Starting with our Free trial - no credit card needed, via Starter, Pro and all the way to Enterprise we make sure you get what you want and only pay for what you need. And talking about budgets -did you know that the average cost for an interactive 3D simulation is about 50 - 150 000 $ - for one single simulation. We Are start at 99$ per month.

No need for hiring expensive experts.

Having great ideas and creative flow often stops when reality kicks in when you realize you need to hire all those expensive experts to help out. The creative team, the copywriter, the illustrator, the animator, the project manager, the…. and you just see your dreams fade away. With We Are those days are over - now you can do all this yourself at Pixar-looking quality with lighting speed.

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