Product Updates

Count on support for anyone, on any device

New 26.03.2024

Save time with leveled-up performance and loading

New 25.03.2024

Lock a Story to prevent changes

New 19.03.2024

Save your Story as a video file (mp4)

New 04.03.2024

Check out improved captions

New 21.02.2024

Embed your Stories anywhere

New 15.02.2024

We Are delving into the details

New 14.02.2024

Tailor characters with perfect, precise head movements

New 02.02.2024

Organize with ease: Introducing Search, Folders and Shortcuts

New 24.01.2024

Search Stores and Folders

Say hello to Ryan, Andrew, and Bryan

New 18.01.2024

Immerse your audience in visual storytelling

New 05.01.2024

Media in Timeline

Notice sleeker connector lines for easy breezy navigation

New 05.01.2024

Experience storytelling like never before with the new AI Wizard from Aico


Media in Timeline

Text to speech


Improve your script writing


Script writing

Poster 2.0 is here


Poster 2.0

Turn around


Turn around
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