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EdTech company We Are Learning joins forces with Dreamcraft Ventures, and gears up for international expansion

OSLO, January 8, 2024 - Following the successful sale of the EdTech company Motimate to Kahoot! in 2021, serial entrepreneurs Rolf Risnes and Lars-Petter W. Kjos launched We Are Learning in the fall of 2022. The duo, along with co-founders Atle Myhrer Knudtzon and Markus Halvorsen, once again ventured into the EdTech market. In record time, the founding team managed to launch the product, build an international team of 19 employees, and secure contracts with more than 25 leading companies. The company aims to revolutionize the landscape of learning content production globally.

We Are Learning achieved significant milestones throughout 2023

The company develops a SaaS solution that, with the help of artificial intelligence, enables anyone to create engaging interactive learning simulations and 3D animations in just a few minutes. The beta version was launched in March, followed by a soft launch in September. In October, We Are made it to the top of the list on Product Hunt, gaining international attention.

"Speed is critical for us. We hold a clear ambition with We Are Learning and aim to capitalize on our past experiences in swiftly establishing ourselves in the international market. It's fascinating to think about how long it usually takes a B2B startup to go from idea to a launched product and securing its first customer. In this regard, We Are Learning truly stands out as world-class," - CEO and co-founder Rolf Risnes.

Corporate learning and EdTech are rapidly evolving, especially with the advent of AI. Creating interactive 3D content that truly engages has traditionally been both terribly expensive and very time-consuming. With the We Are solution, anyone can now create this type of content in just a few minutes, whether it's for producing a 3D animated video for social media or an interactive learning game.

"Bringing over two decades of expertise in crafting solutions, products, and content for learning and communication, our mission with We Are is to empower everyone to become a 'Content Creation Hero.' The brilliance of We Are lies in eliminating the need for investing in a new platform. That's why we describe We Are as a power plug-in seamlessly integrating with clients' existing platforms, whether it's their LMS or intranet, such as Workplace," - Windelstad Kjos, co-founder and CPO at We Are Learning.

Gearing Up for International Growth

In the fall of 2023, the company engaged in discussions with various international venture capital firms. After careful consideration, the choice landed on Dreamcraft Ventures, a Pan-European Venture Capital fund headquartered in Copenhagen, boasting a robust track record in both gaming and B2B SaaS. Their substantial global network played an important role in the decision-making process for selecting a new strategic partner.

"We saw a remarkable opportunity in We Are Learning as they redefine how companies train their teams, by offering a platform that enables anyone to create personalized, AI-powered learning experiences. We believe employee upskilling and engagement are increasingly crucial, and the founders' expertise from the edtech space solidifies our confidence in their ability to transform how businesses approach employee development," - Mathilde Lyet, Investment Manager, and Carsten Salling, General Partner at Dreamcraft.

We saw a remarkable opportunity in We Are Learning as they redefine how companies train their teams

Mathilde Lyet and Carsten Salling, Dreamcraft

“One of the things I fell in love with about the We Are solution is its ability to transform onboarding and re-onboarding from a disengaged and boring experience into a personalized and scalable critical part of the employee lifecycle. It is my core belief that We Are Learning offers a solution that the market not only craves but also genuinely needs,” - Nico Blier-Silvestri, Platform Partner at Dreamcraft.

During this founding round, We Are Learning has also experienced continued confidence of existing investors, including Skyfall Ventures and Sondo Capital, who have invested additional capital in the company. This ongoing support reinforces the shared belief in We Are Learning's potential to revolutionize corporate learning.

"Following our initial investment in 2023, we're thrilled to invest additional capital in We Are Learning, a company we believe has the potential to disrupt the corporate learning industry. The way We Are leverages AI features to create interactive, 3D courses seamlessly and cost-effectively, combined with the founders' prior experience from both corporate learning and the gaming industry, made for a very compelling investment opportunity for us at Skyfall Ventures," - Espen Malmo, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Skyfall Ventures.

We Are Learning has raised close to 3 million euros in this funding round, primarily intended to accelerate international growth. In addition to the 25 customers in the Nordic region, the company just recently celebrated the signing of its first deal with a US company. Furthermore, within just a few months after launch, the company reached significant annual recurring revenue (ARR).

"With Dreamcraft, we've found a VC armed with an extensive international network that will propel us to new heights. The Dreamcraft team's significant connections in gaming and game technology are expected to strengthen We Are Learning's position in the years to come. Additionally, it's fantastic that nearly all our employees are now shareholders in the company, and the continued trust from existing owners persists in this funding round. This level of confidence reflects belief in the product, the strategy, and most crucially, the team at We Are Learning. Such support gives us an additional motivational boost as we head into 2024," - CEO and co-founder Rolf Risnes.

About We Are Learning AS

  • We Are Learning aims to make everyone a ‘Content Creation Hero’. Founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneurs Rolf Risnes (CEO) and Lars-Petter W. Kjos (CPO), along with Atle Myhrer Knudtzon and Markus Tallaksen Halvorsen, our Oslo-based ed-tech company draws on over 20 years of experience in building companies in communication, technology, gaming, and learning.
  • We Are Learning offers a revolutionary tool that allows anyone to create high-quality 3D animations and interactive learning simulations in minutes.
  • We Are already has a user base that includes leading companies such as Jernia, Hafslund Celsio, and Gothenburg Business School.
  • Its international team, consisting of 19 talents in AI, game development, 3D design, user interaction, and pedagogy from over six different countries, has created a top-notch content production tool that everyone can benefit from!

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Rolf Risnes, CEO at We Are Learning
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