How can we help you?

Below are some relevant answers to some questions you might have. If not, reach out to our customer success team, and they can support you further.

Is We Are Learning an LMS (Learning Management System)?

No, We Are is not an LMS - instead think of We Are as a power plug-in for any LMS. Via our integrations, we can send completion data to any LMS. We will continuously build integration to different LMS. Want to know if we support your LMS already? Contact support and we will make sure you can use We Are with your LMS.

Can I use We Are together with my LMS or LXP?

Yes, you can easily integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) by using our APIs.

Can I can get insights from my learners in We Are?

Yes, we provide basic analytics in our solution. You can extract all data with our API’s

Does We Are support mobile, desktop and VR?

Yes, you can play the Stories on mobile, desktop, or in VR. We use WebGL 2.0, which is supported by all major web browsers across various devices. For an enhanced user experience on mobile, we have also published the ‘We Are’ app. The app is free and can be downloaded from our web page.

Can I get my own custom avatars in We Are Learning

Yes, for all Enterprise customers, we offer the option of custom 3D avatars. Please contact us, and we will assist you in setting up your unique character lineup

Are We Are GDPR compliant?

Yes, ‘We Are’ is GDPR-compliant, and we undergo external audits annually. For more information, please visit our Legal page, which you can find in the footer.

Do you offer tailor made enterprise contracts?

Yes, we can create a tailor-made enterprise contracts if needed

Can I choose to pay with credit card or get an invoice?

Yes, you can pay by credit card for the Starter and Pro plans. For customers on the Enterprise plan you can choose between credit card or invoice.