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Who can benefit from using We Are?

We Are is built to make anyone a content creation hero!

Yes – We Are makes it easy for anyone, at any skill level, in any industry or job function, to create incredible immersive content, fast. That’s right, you can create engaging onboarding, soft-skills training, learning games, editorial content, explainer videos, social media content, and more with We Are.

Does We Are use AI?

Yes, We Are uses AI to assist you in creating content.

Feel free to start creating from scratch, or save time with our AI assistant, Aico, as she guides you through creating 3D animations and interactive simulations on any topic quickly.

Is We Are a LMS (learning management system)?

No, We Are is not an LMS, we call our tool a "power plug-in" for your LMS. We Are is a content creation tool that will enrich your LMS with immersive learning experiences.

Do we support your LMS already? Contact us to find out, or to request an integration.

Can I connect We Are with my LMS or LXP (learning experience platform)?

Absolutely! Connecting We Are Learning with your LMS or LXP is straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Custom integration: You can set up a custom integration inside We Are with your LMS. Ensure your LMS provider supports xAPI for smooth connectivity.
  2. Pre-existing integrations: Your LMS vendor might already be integrated with We Are. Contact us to see if it's readily available.
  3. Request an integration: If your LMS isn't on the list, no worries! You can always contact us to request an integration and we'll get on it.
How can I embed or share content created on We Are?

Sharing content created in We Are is super easy! You have multiple options to embed or share a Story:

  1. Download and share: Save and download your Story as a video file. You can then share it anywhere you like, such as your LMS, intranet, or social media.
  2. Copy and embed: Copy the shareable URL from your Story. Use embedding services like, Iframely, or any service supporting oEmbed to embed Stories seamlessly into your desired platform.

Whether you’re looking to enrich your LMS, internal communications, or social media presence, We Are Stories make it simple to spread your message effectively.

Can I access insights on learner engagement through We Are?

Yes, We Are provides simplified learner analytics, and you can extract all data using our APIs.

Can I access We Are on mobile, desktop, and VR devices as a learner?

As a learner, you can access published Stories on mobile devices on Android or iOS using the We Are Learning app. Download our app from the App Store or Google Play.

Can I access We Are on mobile, desktop, and VR devices as a creator?

As a creator building and editing Stories, you can access We Are using a computer (laptop or desktop) with an updated browser.

What types of image files does We Are support?

Inside We Are you can upload any image based on the .png or .jpeg format.

Which sound formats are compatible with We Are for voiceovers?

We Are supports the following audio formats:

  • WAV (including Quicktime WAV)
  • AAC
  • OGG
  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • M4A
Is We Are compliant with GDPR?

Yes, We Are is GDPR compliant, and we perform external audits annually to ensure compliance.

Does We Are Learning offer tailor-made enterprise contracts?

Yes, we are open to drafting tailor-made enterprise contracts to meet customer needs.

Can I pay with a credit card, or get an invoice?

You can easily pay with a credit card. Additionally, invoice payment options are available for Pro and Enterprise plans.

What are the requirements regarding the use of Unity for WebGL in We Are?

We Are Learning uses Unity technology, specifically WebGL, to render 3D objects in browsers. WebGL is seamlessly integrated into most browsers, eliminating the need for separate downloads or installations. Just ensure your browser is up-to-date, and you're good to go!

For more information about Unity and WebGL, you can visit Unity's website. Unity is a trusted platform used by leaders such as Amazon, Cisco, Gameloft, and Quy Technology.

Which web browsers are supported for content creators and learners in We Are?

We Are has been designed to support commonly used browsers. Recommended browsers include Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

What is the recommended bandwidth for We Are’s optimal performance?

We recommend to use a bandwidth similar to 4G (>25 Mbit/s) or better for faster loading.

Does We Are support mobile phones, including apps for iOS and Android?

Yes. Download our We Are Learning apps for iOS and Android, for an optimized experience on mobile. You can also play a We Are Story in your Google Android browser.

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