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What is a Subprocessor?

Sub-processors are service providers who may have or potentially will have access to or process personal data that We Are Learning processes for, and on behalf of, our clients.

The table below delineates the categories of service providers, sub-processors, and affiliates we engage, their locations, and a description of the functions they perform.

Due Diligence

Before engaging any service provider, We Are Learning performs due diligence, including a thorough vendor security assessment. Our service providers are bound by contract terms devised to guarantee that these service providers process personal data solely for the purposes of offering services to We Are Learning and in compliance with our obligations to our clients and pertinent data protection laws.

List of Subprocessors

Country (Processing)
Privacy Policy


Onboarding, support, nudging

EU (Dublin, Ireland) (see Regional data hosting subprocessors lists)


Internal communication tool and customer community


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